Eyelash extensions aftercare

To make the most of your eyelash extensions, here are some eyelash extensions aftercare tips to follow:

  • For 24 hours after having your eyelashes applied, avoid showers or getting them wet. This means that you should also avoid saunas and steam-rooms in this time. This will provide the glue with sufficient time to cure.
  • You should not use waterproof mascara on your eyelashes. You are likely to find that you don’t need mascara but if you do, choose a water soluble option or one which states it has been designed to be used with eyelash extensions.
  • When removing makeup around the eyes use cotton swabs and be gentle.
  • Avoid using moisturisers, makeup removers or cleansers that contain solvents or oils as these can compromise the boding material for your eyelashes.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Instead, you should pat your eyes gently.
  • Watch out for getting your lashes caught on clothes or towels when you dress/undress/dry yourself.
  • Do not pull off eyelash extensions as this can damage your natural eyelash.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers on your eyelashes.
  • Don’t tint or perm your eyelash extensions.

One thought on “Eyelash extensions aftercare

  1. Great post here, and it really doesn’t seem to be anything too difficult. I’m hoping when I get mine, I won’t have to use ANY mascara whatsoever. :/ And with any aftercare for any kind of treatment, there are instruction that HAVE to be followed. But thanks for putting this out there.

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